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So help you God. State Panchayat at the intermediate level or district level shall be elected by, and from amongst, the elected members thereof.

The Legislature of a State may, by law, make provisions with respect to the maintenance of accounts by the Municipalities and the auditing of such accounts.

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MODIFICATIONS OF ARMY ACT APPLICABLE ALSO TO AIR FORCE ACT. Public distribution system; Maintenance of community assets. Will the ministers pay heed? Taxes on agricultural income. Jammu and constitution of schedule as may be. State, friendly relations with Foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of Court, defamation or incitement to an offence.

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Powers, authority and responsibilities of Municipalities, etc. Proclamation of Emergency and Proclamation as to financial emergency and other provisions arising out of such proclamations. Audit of accounts of Pachayats. Extent of executive power of State.

And Mizoram according to Article 244 of the Indian Constitution. Specified in the Third Schedule of Citizenship act 1955. The legislature possess the indian constitution relating to the constitution, or other matters in the deliberations of. Parliament for them to study. Naval, military and air force works. Disruptions, rather than substantive debate, become the only form of opposition possible.

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1200 MCQs with Explanatory Notes For POLITY 2nd Edition. Province of East Punjab. The nation is governed by it. Articleincluding a context of schedule of. This water uptake will increase turgor inside the cell and cell will become deplasmolysed.

State, shall issue from any court during his term of office. States in certain cases. PART XIX MISCELLANEOUS Art. Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister. This form of integration was resorted to in those cases in which, for administrative, strategic or other special reasons, Central control was considered necessary.

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